Dry Contact Solar Power Inverter With Multiple Protection Off - grid 1 - 12KW



Brief Description:


CNS110 Series Hybrid Inverter is designed to serve as a backup power supply for AC loads. The input power of CNS110 Series hybrid inverter comes from PV system and AC grid which not only supply power to AC loads but also charge the battery bank when the power from AC grid or AC generator is present(also known as Line Mode).

In the event of the AC grid (or AC generator) outage, the AC loads can be alternatively powered by PV system(if the illumination is sufficient) and the battery bank.



Product Features:


1. AC/Solar Charging Off Grid Hybrid Inverter.

2. LED/LCD display, Enhanced functions setting via LCD, Man-machine intelligent design

3. Built-in 40A/60A optional MPPT solar charger controller.

4. LCD shows the solar capacity.

5. 5 stages adjustable AC charging current. AC charging also can be closed

6. AC/DC priority modes can be set.

7. Generator restart signal. (Dry contact)

8. 3 times peak power. Strong loading capacity.

9. Overload, output short-circuit protection.



System parameter :


  • Over-load Protection: 

110%<load<150%, beeps 0.5s every 1s, and fault after 60s off the output,

                                   Load>150%, beeps 0.5s every 1s, and fault after 20s.

  • Surge rating(10s): 1:3(VA)
  • Power Saver: Load≦25W(enabled on “P/S auto” setting of Remote comtro;)
  • Protections:   Low battery, over charging, overload, over temp
  • Indicators:   LED+LCD Display




Three Phase Off Grid Solar Power Inverter Pure Sine Wave Aesthetic Appearance 8 - 200KW




Detailed Product Description:


  • Efficiency: ≧95% Communication: RS232/RS485, Dry Connection Communication Signal
  • Operation Temperature: 0℃ To +40℃ Relative Humidity: <95% Non Condensing
  • Colour: Light Grey(RAL 7035) Noise: 54dBA At 1m
  • Pure Sine Wave Solar Power Inverter Three Phase off Grid
  • Aesthetic appearance 8-200KW





  • Advanced IGBT module with high reliability.
  • Realize various intelligent control functions basing on DSP full digital control technology.
  • Perfect production function, higher system reliability.
  • Data communication through RS232 port or dry contact to realize monitoring operation status.
  • Aesthetic appearance, functional integrity, friendly human-machine interface
  • Strong loading ability, possible to use on parallel 6 units maximum